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The Amazon Falcons team recognizes that while the Private Label route can be a highly profitable venture, not everyone is up for the challenge. For those who are seeking an easier way to make money, the Amazon FBA wholesale model is a great option to consider. This model offers a range of advantages that you won't typically find when you're attempting to launch your own FBA wholesale business. At Amazon Falcons, we're here to help you through every step of the process, from identifying the best brands for your business to contacting vendors and securing approvals for your brand launch. Our Amazon FBA wholesale services are trusted by a large portfolio of satisfied customers, and we're confident that we can help you achieve success as well.

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There is potentially some risk involved in doing Amazon FBA wholesale. For example, if you try to sell the merchandise of DC Comics or Marvel Comics without knowing the distributor you are relying upon has not gained sufficient permissions or exclusivity rights to sell that merchandise. As Amazon FBA wholesale service providers we do not suggest our clients for such tricky affairs like selling famous merchandise that can jeopardize the entire experience of selling on AMZ. We help you find simple-to-sell products like categories from the kitchen that do not pose a potential risk. Smaller items with lesser price but good sales and the ones that do not raise any red flags if you choose to sell them on Amazon. A good Amazon FBA wholesale service provider will do for you all the calculations required to give you the exact amount of profits you are going to earn on each project.

Yes, it does provide the opportunity to make quick money. It all depends on your analysis or that of your Amazon FBA wholesale service provider to find the best product that you can sell on the AMZ market. If you have a great team like Amazon Falcons in managing your FBA wholesale business for AMZ, you will significantly increase your chances of becoming successful. Amazon Falcons ensures that the data that we are providing on an opportunity to start an Amazon FBA wholesale business is authentic, rechecked, and thoroughly vetted. Thus, if done properly, Amazon FBA’s wholesale business model does offer a lot of opportunities to earn quick money.

Amazon FBA Wholesale Business Requirements:

  • LLC in the state in which that person wants to operate their business.
  • They would also require the reseller certificate to sell in that particular state.
  • The entrepreneur also needs a basic website to maintain an online presence.
  • You will have to create an email address and have a phone number to share with the service provider if you plan to hire an Amazon FBA wholesale service provider. These details may be asked by the distributors before the opening of the account.

You must have all the above-mentioned details ready to start doing the Amazon FBA wholesale business. Ask Amazon Falcons if there are any other requirements besides the ones already discussed before you can opt for Amazon FBA wholesale, as the consultancy is free.

Drop-shipping only takes place when you don’t want to have an inventory at your warehouse or Amazon’s. If you do not have the inventory (in case of drop shipping), once you receive the order, you may not be able to fulfill the order. In the Amazon FBA business, we suggest that you buy the inventory and go for the Amazon FBA Wholesale model. In FBA wholesale, the entire effort is to get the Buy Box. For Buy Box you have to reduce your price and you have to go for Amazon FBA fulfillment to get more of the product exposure via Amazon Buy Box. The reduction of price and going for Amazon FBA fulfillment are both done to achieve the Buy Box. After these steps, usually, the sales start to increase for the product offered to the customers.

USA is the top choice for starting your Amazon FBA wholesale business. In private label, some Amazon experts suggest opening that business in the UK. Since the competition for private label business is less in the UK and there is a chance for earning a reasonable level of profits. For a private label business, you need to have money to make investments for the ranking of the product. One has to work hard to get reviews to get the desired level of Amazon SERP rankings. There is no such issue as ranking in the Amazon FBA wholesale business model. Therefore, in Amazon FBA wholesale business model, we try to maximize the total sales. Maximization of sales optimizes the opportunities to earn more equity and profits. There involves no ranking or launching of the product. The product is already a hit on Amazon, you just need to do “me-too”, make a listing, and start selling it in Amazon FBA wholesale.

Since Amazon has the biggest market size of its retail online in the US, that’s why it is considered the top choice for starting an Amazon FBA wholesale business. There are a lot of opportunities because of the presence of many brands, distributors, and networks of sellers focusing only on the US market. As an investor in the FBA wholesale business, an entrepreneur can find a lot of opportunities for selling in the United States. One other reason for selecting the US market is that there involves no launching or ranking of the product and the money needed for it in the American market.

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